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Friday Mar 16, 2012

NoOps + DevOps =YesDilusional No IT professional is safe

I just read  NoOps DevOps Misses the Point . 

NoOps literally means no it profession is safe. I get it us us Ops guys are just janitors, all we do is  "rack servers, run cat-5 cable" and we are useless. We can not write glorious code, so we will never be as useful or important as developers. But now even very competent switching and security professionals are not safe "PaaS means most of us will no longer configure firewalls or load balancers"

"Second, silo’d development and ops cultures and behaviors are problematic. Development trying to maximize change, while ops tries to minimize it, reduces efficiency, responsiveness, quality, and mutual respect, all at the same time. What’s needed is a unified focus on simultaneously maximizing agility and reliability."

By this argument Quality Assurance minimizes efficiency by slowing things down. Ops goal is not to minimize change it is to manage it. If that means change happens slower, that is only a side effect of managing risk.


Didn't SQL slammer teach us NOT to put our database in a DMZ that the entire internet can reach?

"by default CountDB gives everyone in the world admin access to your instance, it also doesn't listen on an external interface"

You can see people bitching back and forth about who's fault this is. "Its the developers, its the administrators, its the firewall manager."

Most developers are not proficient in networking. With good reason, the only way to be proficient in networking is by doing it. There is not enough hours in the day to be great at Java generics and great at border routing and firewalls.

Should a business put a pager in a hand of a guy that really is not a stud firewall manager?

Fuck no!

Do I trust this person who spends most of there time writing code to make a critical firewall change?

Fuck No!

Do I trust someone who is not at all versed in network security standards and best practices to log into a cloud based firewall management screen and secure my CouchDb server?

Fuck no!

"However we label them, these activities need to happen, someone needs to be accountable for them, and they need to be integrated into an overall, coherent set of activities focused on delivering value to customers"

Thank you! These activities are Ops! These are exactly the things good operations people do. This is not a part time job. This is what the DevOps and NoOps people keep missing over and over and over and over again.

Remember in one of my last blogs how I said DevOps was a power grab for "not giving developers root access ". Well, if you need more proof of that statement.

"Once we’ve trimmed and redirected traditional ops work/staff/budgets, what should we be spending our time, resources, and money doing instead?"

So funny... An article that mentions all the important stuff Ops people do. Then wavers with a statement, "However we label them", then moves onto figuring out what they are going to do with our salaries!  


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