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Sunday Jul 12, 2015

Why Hive on Cloudera is like Python on Redhat

I used to be fairly anti-cloudera. I was never really convinced you needed someone to package up hadoop for you and your admins should just learn it. These days Hadoop is N degrees harder and I don't really have as much give-a-crap for learning to configure all the nobs that change names all the time. Thus I am more or less happy to let cloudera handle installing the 9000 hadoop components.

But really cloudera's testing is not that great. In my last version of cdh, decomissioning NodeManagers causes yarn to stop accepting jobs. ::Major fail:: Upgrade and in the new version the version hive can not support custom hive serde's because of an upstream Hive bug.

Filed this to CDH user:


Got the ::cricket:: response

Thinking of getting away from CDH hive at this point. Why?

  1. Waited a long time for this so I could easily build in tez support
  2. Still no out of the box tez support even though its clearly the way forward (and would make everything umpteeth times faster)
  3. Does not really look like cloudera can/wants to keep up with Hive's release cycle
  4. Sabotaging features by adding check boxes and disabling things that work out of the box "Check the box for Enable Hive on Spark (Unsupported)."
  5. Constant complaints in manager that you should have a metastore server or should have zookeeper when truth is most users wont need either. (and I sure do not need this)
  6. N day wait to cofirm bugs, "Whenever we get to it" fixes
  7. 1 zillion unneeded jars in classpath , hbase etc that Im not actually using with hive.

Im tired of dealing with backreved revsions and cloudera's "Why aren't you just using impala" type stance.

I am going back to rolling my own. I will still use cdh to manager hdfs proper and YAWN, but this hive situation is unmanagable. Hive on cloudera is like Python on Redhat 5. You are painted into an annoying box and you have no direct way to make it better other than ignoring it entirely and rolling your own!


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