Edward Capriolo

Saturday Feb 04, 2017

Forget bowling green, worry about the Lusitania

There has been a lot of outrage, talk, and comedy about the Bowling Green Massacre. While revolting in it's own way, it is not new ground for the current state of affairs in the US. We know where the administration stands on immigration and we know this is a divisive issue. Sides are dug in and we all know where we stand. However, I find two events far more troubling: 

The first event where the White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, claimed Iranian's attacked a US ship. This claim was instantly debunked inside the press conference when a savvy reporter pointed out the fact that the ship was a Saudi ship. Now, why is this a big deal? Well in school we leaned that the sinking of the RMS Lusitania is what drew the US into World War I. Claiming that Iran attacked a US ship is a big deal. 

For the second event, examine the US raid on Yemen in which a US soldier and several civilians were killed. After the event the US released videos that they claim were captured during the raid. It was very quickly determined that the videos were not captured in the raid. Instead the videos were 10 years old

These two events are shocking. Either the administration is willfully misleading us, or they are grossly incompetent. What is worse? being the white house press secretary and confusing the fact that a ship is US or Saudi or purposely manipulating us. When the country is a tinderbox of opinions, pulling a video out of the archives and parading it as a result serves what purpose?

Knee-jerk twitter reactions are unavoidable now. Even if something is "retracted" a day later, the damage is already done. Had a reporter not been 'Johnny on the spot' during Spicer's blunder there would have been a massive fallout and more alternative-facts that might never be corrected in the mind of some. The result could be more far reaching than executive orders on immigration.

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