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Tuesday Mar 29, 2016

Deus X: The Fall - Ed's review

I have decided to change gears a bit and review one of my favorite andriod games Deus Ex: The Fall . I was a big fan of Deus Ex 3 which came out on the xbox. For those not familiar, Deux Ex is a sneak shooter. I actually play 'the fall' on train rides home, it took me a few months of playing it periodically to beat it.

What makes this game special? 

In the near future humans can be outfitted with augmentations "augs". They do things like steady your gun arm, mimetic camouflage etc. The way the Deus Ex game balances is you can not afford all the augs, so you pick and chose ones that match your game play. For example if you like run and gun type, you focus on body armor, speed enhancements and take downs, but if you want to sneak around you focus on stealth enhancements.

What makes a BAD sneak shooter ?

What makes a bad sneak shooters is huge missions, when your walking through a warehouse and you have to choke out 500 people over 4 hours of game play , this is just annoying. Think about it, could you image that in three or four hours no one realized that 500 security guards have not checked in?  Or in 4 hours that one guy at the computer would not go for a bathroom break and just happen to look in one of the 90 lockers you have hidden bodies in? Just not possible and kinda silly.

Why does 'The Fall' avoid this ?

Well obviously this is an Android game, so by its nature it avoids huge levels. This actually gives the game the right feel, they are small levels with a few rooms, you execute a few tactical take downs and you get a reward! In the xbox game a lot of time is spent moving/hiding bodies, so as not to alert others and bring about a free for all. In 'the fall' the bodies just vanish after a few seconds. Bodies vanishing is not realistic, but I think it goes with the style you knock someone out and you move on. When I play I simply force myself in the mind of a character and play a 'realistic' way, there is no way an augmented human is going to huddle in a corner waiting for 3 hours for 3 different people to be in the "perfect place",. You just make a move and be dammed with the consequences. 


I was rather impressed with the controls in fact I enjoyed them more than the console version. On screen you can switch weapons fast, icons appear when you are in take down range. A rather cool thing is that in the settings menu you can adjust the placement of each of the on screen controls. I was super impressed by this. I really did not have to move anything but the fact you could I thought was pretty neat.


One thing I enjoy is that around the game there are PDAs and computers that you can read or hack into to get some back story into the game and hints into what is unfolding. I really like that in all games, they did this in a gears of war with Journals and cogs, the nice part is this is always optional. You are not forced to watch 10 minute movies but if you care you can review the data in the world better. You can also talk to random people like a standard RPG and while they do not offer a ton to say that is still pretty cool.



You are an ex special forces character with augs drawn into something bigger than you. You are living below the radar and have to go on a variety of missions to acquire the drugs that keep you from rejecting your augs. As that goes down you have to deal with people who offer you what you need in exchange for your services and you are free to embark on side quests.For a 99 cent andriod game this plot is on a amazing and it would still be a fairly in depth plot for a console game.


Flexible game play, large environment to explore, up gradable character attributes, upgradeable weapons. Nice graphics and controls for a cell phone game. Retained a lot of the feel from the xbox game while moving to a cell platform.


While it is a sneak shooter the game is more biased towards the sneak, even with armor upgrades a couple well placed shots from enemies can put you down. The game is less fun to play as a shooter IMHO. Environments seem more detailed than characters. 


If you like the console game and you have a 30 minute train ride home everyday this game is amazing. Since it is an older game it is totally worth the cost ~ 0.99 cents. I would still happily pay 3 or 4 dollars for it. 

My score is 9.  


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